Established in 1981, Ford Land is a multi-disciplinary Australian Property Company.

At Ford Land Company, we prioritise building strong and enduring customer relationships. Our dedication lies in surpassing tenant expectations through efficient property management.

We believe that success lies in creating thriving environments where businesses can flourish.

Our expertise encompasses investments and management of industrial lands, showrooms, warehouses, business parks, and commercial offices.

Through our integrated investment, ownership, and property management model, we continuously adapt and optimise our properties. Drawing on our extensive experience and proactive approach, we employ a tiered property refurbishment strategy to acquire prime properties in established and growing areas.

We are strategic, forward-thinking, and firmly committed to long-term growth and development. Our forward-thinking approach ensures long-term success and a commitment to building for the future.

Our services include

Property Investment

At Ford Land Company, we engage in a tiered strategy of property refurbishment and the acquisition of prime real estate. We invest in well-established and growing areas to ensure a secure portfolio over the long term.

‘Strategic and forward-thinking – we invest in the future and are firmly committed to building for the long term.’

  • Site Selection
  • Acquisition
  • Feasibility Studies

Property Management

We believe the best property managers are property owners. Ford Land Company manages every property in-house, and our team offers strategic management solutions that enhance asset values and reduce costs for customers.

‘It’s our mission to exceed tenant expectations by ensuring that every property operates efficiently.’

  • Property Marketing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • On-site Management

Project Management

Ford Land Company’s expertise lies in business parks, warehouses, showrooms, bulky goods, and commercial offices, where we invest and add value to these projects.

‘In our business, we believe the art is not in the deal but in the creation and delivery of places where companies can live and grow prosperously.’

  • Master Planning
  • Place-Making
  • Project Management
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